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So excited!

My mother left me a little money when she died about a year ago, and I am enjoying spending it on my girls and their children. I consider all of this an investment in their enjoyment of today and discovery of the future.

That said, I'm taking Jessica and her two boys to Hawaii in August on a Road Scholar (my favorite) trip that will include a lot of water and a submarine. It would be my ultimate satisfaction to see the excitement of discovery on their faces with perhaps an inkling of thoughts about what they would like to do with their lives.

(I have also paid a lot to buy a one-seat-only-per-performance slot in the sound booth of this coming Sunday's sound booth during the performance o Les Miserables by Alpine Theatre Project. Avery will be my first choice to sit in the booth during the first half of the performance, and I really hope he will emerge with stars in his eyes. Let's see who will be next......)

Knowing that she's just now ready, I have invited my granddaughter, Phoebe, to come with me to Paris this fall. Her eyes are already sparkling, and I can't tell you how excited I am in anticipation of what she will discover. So glad I'll be there to hold her hand during the difficult times (such as I'm hungry but there's nothing to eat). Now I have to do some really serious research!

Life is so wonderful.


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