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I have edited dozens of books for publishers such as Rutgers University Press, Lea & Febiger, Associated University Presses, Transaction Publishers, and The College Board. The comments below were unsolicited. 


I have just finished making the edits which Arri recommended for my debut novel, The Sun King. I needed an editor who could look at the piece as a whole and consider the story from a macro level, finding inconsistencies in tone, character and story. Equally important was an editor who could do a line edit and deal with problems of grammar, spelling and mechanics. Arri delivered on all counts. There were many details and passages which I thought were crystal-clear [sic], but which she pointed out may be unclear to a first-time reader. She was also great in pointing out when a passage may need further information to keep a reader engaged. I'm working on my second novel now and I will definitely send it to her when it's done. 


​- David Toth


Dear Arri:


I have just completed proofreading the second/page proofs of Death and the Doctor, and I am so pleased with your good work that I want to take a moment to tell you so.


Beginning with the first/galley proofs you made sensible changes in verb tenses, asked clearheaded questions about unclear points and bibliographical references, straightened out many of my sentences, picked up on numerous lapses on my part and spotted inconsistencies, all this while doing a crisp layout. ...


- Robert M. Fedorchek​


​Dear Wade [Director, The College Board Advance Placement Program],

... Without Arri's dependable help and superior quality control the course description books would have taken twice as long to do. She is to be commended for her work. ...

- Bill Kearns VP / Creative Service [Parker Communications Group]


Hello Chris Retz [Associated University Press],

... I have been greatly impressed by the thoroughness of the copyeditor. My Addison and Steele book was not as neat as this one promises to be. I have taken some extra time revisiting the ms. only because, so far, the procedure actually has brought something vaguely reminiscent of pleasure to me.

All best, Brian McCrea [author, Impotent Fathers: Patriarchy and Demographic Crisis in the Eighteenth Century Novel]


​Dear Ms. Retz [Associated University Presses]

... Please extend our thanks to Arri Sendzimir for the very professional and astute job of copyediting.

- John W. Kronik [author, Intertextual Pursuits]


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