Videos tell a story that leaves a message.

The first two videos represent different years of the annual Creative Arts Center fundraiser featuring clothing made exclusively of recycled materials.

"The Bread Lady" was particularly challenging because the subject did not want to be identified.

"Robbie Burns" is an annual fundraiser for the Sunburst Foundation.

Rendezvous is an annual event in Eureka, Montana, celebrating the end of winter.

"Eureka, Montana" showcases pictures by numerous residents describing life in the Eureka area.

"How to Build a Road" was a huge challenge to produce. It took weeks of filming, then the software I loved (Microsoft) was no longer supported and I switched to Movie Zilla, which I DO NOT RECOMMEND. It is unstable, prohibits fine placement of items, unpredictably locks items together, won't integrate text, and so on and so on. A nightmare!