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Raising money for a cause means winning people over through personal, visual, and textual messages. I have worked at this for many years and have consistently exceeded goals.


Essentially, it's fun, because everyone wins.

Images in this first section were taken by me for the fundraising campaign I designed and managed for Children's Community School in Waterbury, Connecticut. My work resulted in a first-place win for the school in terms of donors overall, and in terms of dollars among all schools, during the regionwide 2013 GiveLocal campaign.
The campaign focused on weekly e-mails and social media posts featuring these photos as a lead-up to the fundraising event. During the two days preceding the event, I organized a team of volunteers to call every person in our database to remind them of the campaign. 
Virtually no money was spent, but the rewards were huge.
Images in the second section were taken by me for the friendraising campaign I designed and managed for Brass City Charter School in Waterbury, Connecticut. Over the course of a month, I advertised our "Seussathon" through social media and posters around the school. Visitors read Dr. Seuss books to the students. My work resulted in an increase of several hundred "friends" of the school, including numerous social, political, and media personalities.

The last section, which is a redirect to the pertinent webpage on the Creative Arts Center website, reflects a completely different fundraising tactic. In this one, I approached individuals one-on-one and wrote grants in order to secure funding for the renovation of the Creative Arts Center in Eureka, Montana. My goal was achieved shortly before I retired for good. LOL!
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