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My experience with the web began at Princeton University, where I learned to code pages.

In the late 1990s, I took up webpage design in order to organize my high school's 30th reunion.

As Director of Development for Children's Community School, I developed this institution's website so that it could interact with the public, the parents, and potential and actual donors. This format required the establishment of an online payment system. The website I developed is no longer in existence, having been taken over by a larger organization.

Upon moving to Eureka, Montana, I populated and reorganized the Chamber's website, which has unfortunately disappeared.

Most recently, I have created a website for Kootenai Sand & Gravel and Manifestations Gallery. ...

And now for even more new stuff: Kootenai RV Sites and Theodora's Garden. What you see pictured here are preliminary sketchs. Click on the pictures and you'll be taken to the latest!

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