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Scotland, here we come

Phoebe was such an incredible traveler on our trip to Paris that I asked her where she would like to go next. "Scotland" was the reply. So, we're going.

This is going to be an incredible trip, but let me say that I'll never do it again. Why on earth am I trying to be a travel agent?!? I have to book hotels, research travel arrangements, book tickets, etc., etc. A huge waste of time. That's why tour groups exist!

At any rate, I'm hoping that all my best laid plans will prove best laid, and, if they don't, well, it'll be an adventure.

We will start in London, then train to York then train to Edinburgh, then back to London. Along the way, I expect to meet my remote Scottish relative through the Grierson line Andrew Young and perhaps chat by phone with old friends Dick and Liz D'Arcy. Then we'll climb over and through ancient walls and castles and villages and ....

I'm afraid this trip may not meet Phoebe's expectations. There just isn't enough time. She wants to explore abandoned castles and fairy glens by moonlight. The Loch Ness monster might well be on her list as long as she can wear scuba gear.

It is my hope that I can convince her to move here for at least half a year. It's the only way really to get to know a country/culture/peoples/self/etc.

Well, let's see what happens.


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