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RV Sites!

I'm so excited to be developing new websites for folks in my neighborhood. Here's one that has come my way over the past few weeks.

A spinoff from my work with Kootenai Sand and Gravel ( is development of a website for Kootenai RV: a 100-site RV park on the shores of Lake Koocanusa. The assignment here is to develop an online presence that will convince US and Canadian folks to sign up for at least one year.

A flat concrete slab with RV hookups is a minimal necessity, but it alone can't compete with other sites in the area, so I have to develop a website with lots of other amenities. For example, where to eat, where to be entertained, where to get necessities, what's to do in the neighborhood, what's further afield, and so on. Given that Eureka's Chamber of Commerce has lost its online presence and there's no other source of information in town, I'm finding that I have to develop a fairly complete online directory for RV customers!!!!

So, here's the link: Let me know what you think!


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