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My Sequence

I've been asked so many times to provide my resume, but it's such an effort because I can never remember when I've done what.

So, here's a sequence. I'll start with my birthday. After that, your guess is as good as mine.

10/22/1948 New York City. My birth.

Move to Watertown, CT

Attend St. Margaret's School, Waterbury, CT

Move to Woodbury, CT

Attend Woodbury Public School. Learn to play marbles.

Back to St. Margaret's School, Waterbury, CT

Attend Bishop Strachan School (boarding), Toronto, Ontario, Canada. Win top academic prize.

Back to St. Margaret's School, Waterbury, CT. Start piano lessons with Jean Dansereau. Perform with George Weigl. Win English prize.

Work as assistant prop manager at Southbury Playhouse, Southbury, CT

Work as secretary at Colonial Bank, Waterbury, CT

Attend University of Pennsylvania, Philadelphia, PA

Work as Secretary to Harvard Catering Agency, Cambridge, MA

Sign on as Leader for Harvard Student Charter to London, England. Bicycle across Scotland and Ireland

Back to University of Pennsylvania, Philadelphia, PA.

Take flying lessons at Wings Airfield.

Graduate with BA

Move to Paris, France

Work as secretary to Sendzimir France, Paris, France

Submit paper on urban renovation of central Paris to Professor Julien Wolpert, University of Pennsylvania

Create and manage La Feuille d'Avis des Halles - a monthly/bimonthly newspaper addressing renovation in the 1st arrondissement of Paris.

Manage print shop in Paris for the University of Paris.

Work as French/English interpreter in Algeria for Bechtel France

Attend Columbia School of Business, New York, New York. Graduate with MBA.

Get married

Hired as Assistant to the Regional Manager of Europe, Africa, and the Middle East for Parsons, Brinckerhoff, Quade & Douglas, New York, NY

Produce two children

Start typing business

Move to Princeton, New Jersey

Start The Woman's Newspaper of Princeton. Win numerous national, regional, and local awards.

Sell The Woman's Newspaper of Princeton

Get divorced

Start business editing books for New Jersey publishers. Convince them to switch from paper editing to computer editing. See other section of this website for book editing career.

Hired by Educational Testing Service (ETS) as Senior Editor for Advanced Placement (AP) publications, Princeton, New Jersey. Convince ETS to move from paper to electronic editing.

Hired by The College Board as Senior Editor for Advanced Placement (AP) publications, New York, New York. Responsible for on-time, on-budget production of all AP materials (produced by ETS).

Hired by Princeton University as senior writer for the Corporate and Foundation Relations department

Back to The College Board.

Hired by T. Sendzimir, Inc., Waterbury, CT, as part-time support to the company's future president.

Join Board of Directors of the Waterbury Foundation, which becomes the Connecticut Community Foundation. Member of the Finance Committee.

Join Board of Directors of the Kosciuszko Foundation, New York, NY

Promoted to VP Sales at T. Sendzimir, Inc.

Promoted to VP Engineering at T. Sendzimir, Inc.

Promoted to President of T. Sendzimir, Inc. Found Sendzimir International and travel worldwide to promote the business.

Take over as President of the Board of Directors of Literacy Volunteers on the Green, New Milford, CT - a nonprofit that I had help found some years earlier

Hired as Executive Director of The Jed Foundation, New York, New York

Hired as Director of Development of Neighborhood Music School, New Haven, CT. Responsible for raising $500K/year. Launch Special Needs program.

Hired as Director of Development of Children's Community School, Waterbury, CT. Responsible for putting this nonprofit on the map and raising $500K/year.

Hired as Director of Development of Brass City Charter School, Waterbury, CT. Responsible for putting this new nonprofit on the map.

Move to Eureka, Montana, to focus on family

Volunteer as Website Manager for the Eureka Chamber of Commerce.

Hired as Facility Director of the Creative Arts Center, Eureka, Montana

Volunteer as social media manager of Lincoln County Democrats, Montana

Volunteer as website manager for the Rogue Book Club, Whitefish, Montana


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