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My eyes

I unfortunately inherited my mother's eyes. Wish I knew where they had come from, for I see nothing in our ancestry to speak of such severe myopia.

Crippling near blindness is how she described her life before acquiring thick glasses and eventually huge hard contacts.

My experience was somewhat more complicated, for in addition to myopia I also had an unusual situation whereby my left and right eyes see significantly different objects. To elaborate: my left eye sees thin, tall, and small while my right eyes see fat, short, and large. As one of my many eye doctors said, your right eye sees a quarter, your left eye sees a dime, and what you're looking at is a nickel. No wonder you have challenges!

I am now undergoing cataract surgery. Not convinced it's going to be a huge improvement. Maybe just different. Most imporant is I don't want to go blind, meaning I want to be able to function, no matter what my eyesight. Here's hoping.


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