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2017 Trash-2-Flash Arts Fundraiser

Every year, the Creative Arts Center in Eureka, Montana, holds a very special fundraiser for its programs. This year (2017), on May 20, about a dozen brave souls will "walk the walk" at the town's fairgrounds, sporting fashions designed and built by our very talented citizens exclusively from recycled, reclaimed, reposessed, resold, reanythinged objects, materials, and other bits found in landfills, recycling centers, refuse bins, garages, basements, attics, and other "to be repurposed" centers. Last year, for example, a beautiful white evening gown was fabricated from spent fabric softener sheets.

I was fortunate enough to have been chosen to produce a couple of videos for the 2017 Trash-2-Flash event. The Creative Arts Center provided the raw footage. I put together two videos: one featuring all the performers; the other a quick sell. 

Hope you enjoy them!

I had a blast!

Here are the links:

the long one:

the short one:


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